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By completing the Certified Pump Systems Auditor (CPSA) course, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to conduct a full pumping system audit. This will enable you to evaluate not only your own systems, but also those of others, and identify opportunities for significant energy savings and cost efficiencies.

The CPSA course is designed to equip individuals with a comprehensive understanding of pump system performance and efficiency. It covers a wide range of topics, including pump system design, installation, operation, and maintenance. By mastering these essential skills, you will be able to evaluate the whole system and make adjustments where necessary to achieve optimal performance, reduce energy consumption, and save money.

With CPSA certification, you will have the expertise to help your organization achieve its sustainability goals and remain competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

CPSA (Certified Pump System Auditor) - an industry-specific professional qualification developed by the BPMA (British Pump Manufacturers Association Limited) which is already an established and highly regarded body within the industry.

The scheme's objective is to help improve the levels of professionalism in the sector by creating a universally recognised and respected industry ‘standard’ for individuals assessing the performance of a pumping system.

Candidate Testimonials

"Extremely Informative and very beneficial" Shane Bates, KSB Ltd

" The course is intense, all information was explained in-depth, with Alex accommodating all levels of Knowledge" David Cobham, John Crane

" The course was highly engaging and very informative" Aiden Morris, John Crane

You can contact Kiran Kaur at 0121 601 6691 or email training@bpma.org.uk

Next Course Date

22 - 25 April
Certified Pump Systems Auditor (CPSA) 4 Day Course
BPMA Members: £1,400.00 (ex VAT)
Non Members: £1,750.00 (ex VAT)  

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